Posted Articles and Journals

Here is where you can find a list of all my posted articles and journals. I will add more as my experience grows, feel free to browse and enjoy!

All of The Midwest Cooks Journal Entries

In the “My Black Book” series I share my experiences I see and feelings towards the kitchens I work, I share these with you in any case that we may have the same experience, I want to connect with you in the passion of the kitchen:

My black journal resting on knife roll
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All of The Midwest Cooks Recipes

Right here is where You will find my best and favorite recipes that I have made and fell in love with along with the stories behind them!

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I am Relatively new to this section but I am on track to developing an understanding in wine and how it affects every culture.

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Holiday Recipes for Friends and Family

We all love the holidays, gifts, travel, friends and families, and don’t forget the food! Food is a major contributor to the best holidays. Here is a complete list of all the Holiday Recipes for friends and family. I will try to incorporate all the calendar holidays along with a few that some may not of heard of. I want to investigate the cultures that surround them and share a little bit of knowledge from research that I will conduct to spread that holiday cheer!

Holiday Recipes for Family and Friends
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