New Year, New Blog!

January 3, 2020

This is will go down as my first ever blog entry and I’m excited to commit to something such as this, I’ve always been interested in starting a blog but never got around to actually building one and now I finally have one!

               Once again, another full rotation around the sun and the chatter from the holidays is finally coming to an end. Although I’m just about to be going back to school to learn the trade of business I can’t help but want to inject myself with knowledge of different cuisines and food porn. I am always scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking in awe at the different pictures of food, I love food and will always love it.

               At my current job I work my brain constantly and intake as much information from the different people there. Everyone I work with is different and I enjoy the unique perspectives of my coworkers. The kitchen is a different breed where everything is creative and different and shows a different intellect, next time you go out to eat at a mom and pop restaurant actually take a minute and look at the plate that is set in front of you, look at the colors and smell the aroma. Take a small taste and feel your taste buds explode with excitement, taste the salt, taste the tangy, taste the sweet. Now, imagine the love and care that went into the design the thought he or she expressed in this plate.

               I aspire to learn from a great many chefs, I currently am unsure of what type of chef I want to be, do I want to lead a crew to new lengths and ideas, or do I want to invest my time into perfecting everything. In a sense I find myself lost, even though I know what I want it right around the corner! I have begun to surround myself with books to officially begin the trek into becoming a chef, I want to gather knowledge and share it in my experience.

               I have begun reading The Professional Chef by the Culinary institute of America. I have found the information in this book to be incredibly helpful from the beginning. The illustrations I can use to classify certain foods because I sure as shit couldn’t do that before. And there are a few steps listed to help any newcomer master the basic French ideas. This book shares information on everything to how a fruit is best served whether it be baked, stewed, or even hand-ate, to what temperature a cut of meat is served at.

               I have also acquired The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil for Christmas and I have fallen very intrigued into this because she shares her experience of tasting different wines all across the world. What I find best about this book is that this is written to be a reference, one is not forced to read it cover to cover but to research it and find what you’re missing and understand it. She shares techniques of different cultures for wine-making, the regions which to find them, and this book explains everything there is to know about wine so far.

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