Plating Idea’s

The following photo’s are creations of mine that I have either made for a special event or for a running feature entrée at my work. Also I will add some of my favorite meals and some fancier artwork I have done personally.

Brittany's birthday cake

This was a birthday cake I baked and designed for my girlfriends 22 birthday, I was researching cakes cause I got a wild hair up my ass and wanted to see how in depth I could go, I made my own fondant and cake batter and coloring, all of which where incredibly difficult for someone who never actually bakes, more recently I have been looking more into baking and You can view my other baked goods as I add them.

Homemade delights

6oz. Pan-seared Orange Marlin from Hawaii. Rubbed with Jamaican jerk seasoning, grilled asparagus spears set on coconut and pepper risotto, garnished with cilantro and a mandarin orange butter cream sauce.

6oz. Orange Marlin from Hawaii. Scalloped potatoes sautéed in butter, shallots, garlic, and parsley. Pineapple salsa, and a sweet chili honey sauce! Served with soup/salad.

6oz. Mountain cook salmon from New Zealand, with veggie risotto diced carrots, broccoli, and fennel butter cream, garnished with fennel.

I can’t seem to really remember exactly what I made here but it looks to me it was a rice pilaf with seared scallops and a lemon beurre blanc sauce.

Brown sugar butter seared scallops set on angel hair pasta with sautéed oyster mushrooms a tarragon butter cream sauce and a side of garlic bread.

Scallop Rumaki! Soy and brown sugar seared bacon wrapped scallops, sautéed cherry tomatoes and spinach. Fish fumet, and a lemon chicken quinoa.

4oz. Coffee rubbed Dry Age Ribeye, with a zesty chimichurri sauce. scallops seared with honey chili sauce, sautéed scalloped potatoes with herbs and butter.

This is my first feature I’ve had the chance to ever run. 6oz. Seabass set on quinoa, sautéed lemon brussels sprouts a carrot puree, all topped with mango apple salsa and cilantro.

This one is probably one of the prettiest dishes I have made so far and it is a roasted lobster tail, with succotash and garlic butter.

Toasted Naan, seared salmon with allspice seasoning, half-moon cucumbers, roasted red pepper puree, sweet mango puree, sautéed poblano pepper and orange segments.

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